Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time to catch up...

Wow! What a long time it's been! Here are some things happening in our world now:

Evan is walking--at 10 months he discovered the joys of being 2 footed and all he can see and grab in the process. He still thinks it's faster sometimes to speed crawl or monkey crawl (hands and feet) when he needs to make time.

Owen is loving summer--we have an unruly garden and we keep discovering cucumbers we didn't know were there! He loves taking walks and meeting the new neighbors.

Our house is great--we love having space and hosting gatherings. I've always dreamed of having a home of hospitality. It may not always be a neat and tidy home, but the people inside are welcoming!

A trip to Austria--we bought tickets for October to go to Vienna! The Lord is steering us to a slightly new focus in ministry in Austria and we are ready to obey! We are headed over to meet teammates, get to know the ministry, seek the Lord, and come back with a fresh vision for where God wants us in the near future.

Jon is still working--The Hartford is not a dream come true, but it is an answer to prayers for provision. We are thankful to have made it through layoffs and see God's hand at work in his office.

Kelly Jo is at home--most of the time. We are a zoo and I am ready for bed each night, but I feel priveleged to be at home with my kiddos. The crankies sneak into our home more often than I like, but we always have an adventure to tell Daddy at the end of the day!

We look forward to communicating more frequently through our blog. The Lord is showing me that when you have a story to share of HIS work and you don't share it, you aren't giving HIM the credit and glory he is due.

May you be blessed by him who is able to do more than we can ask or imagine,

Kelly Jo for the Flaa 4


Rachel said...

Glad to see an update. Our Pastor and his family are currently in Vienna teaching. Let me know if you need another contact. Here's their blogspot:


Tabitha said...

Welcome back!
Sounds like a busy house; we get the crankies too... :(
God bless as you move forward with your mission in Austria!